Taking the Risk

So, you think you like real estate?! Great, what are you doing about it? Almost every week I get an e-mail or I meet someone who says they are interested in becoming a real estate agent or an investor. It is a great feeling to see so many people admire the profession and want to become a part of the business. I’m all for motivating and encouraging anyone to chase their dreams and I say, “Go for it,” or “What’s stopping you?”

What stops anyone from going after their dreams? Fear.

I may be biased when I say this but there is absolutely nothing to fear in real estate. Yes, there could be another housing bubble, like the one before the Great Recession. Yes, you may be inexperienced and lack some industry knowledge. Yes, you are going to have to hustle and work harder than you ever have in your life. These are all possibilities that could greatly affect your real estate career but how will you live out your dream or reach your goals stuck in fear?

Procrastination is a form of fear.

People procrastinate because they are forming every rejection in their mind of what could go wrong in their business. If you really want something you should be fully motivated to get it. That should be the case but it’s not for everyone. Let’s look at it this way procrastination is a manifestation of fear. If you fear something you are not thinking of your why. Why are you interested in real estate? Why are you considering this as  career? Why take the risk and deal with the issues as an investor? Your why will create your passion. If you are not passionate about it, then you will never see the glory in it.  When you think of your “why” things will fall into place, but when you think about yourself fear takes over.

Do not hold back. If you hold back and are afraid to take risks before you even get in the industry then this may not be the industry for you. There will be other agents who challenge you. There will be sellers who reject you. There will be situation after situation but if you cannot handle your own fears, how can you assist someone else with the most important transaction of their life?

As I said before there is absolutely nothing to fear in real estate. It is an exciting and rewarding career. You’ll meet lots of people, your clients will love you, and you’ll be an expert in no time. If you haven’t already registered for a pre-licensing course look into that information today. If you’re interested in investing in real estate, sign up for the next local investors meeting. Take action and show fear whose in control.

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